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Add our Wipeout finish.

Anything 100% silicone is bleach cleanable
Tag/Assign All Skintex SF and Silicone as Bleach Cleanable? Anything else? Below are the bleach cleanable ratios for their categories

Skintex SF 4:1
Ziro 4:1
Aire 4:1
Dimensional 4:1
Etched 4:1
Virtual 4:1
Skintex 10:1
Galleria 10:1
Newave 10:1
Beyond 10:1
CPU/Contessa 10:1

If something is tagged with IMO for flammability can it be assigned the end use IMO/Cruise Ship?

Pointe uses the term Graffiti free – is this their form of Wipeout? For example, Lychee Reloaded has Graffiti Free finish and is tagged as Wipeout, is that correct? Can the term Graffiti Free be used interchangeably and/or replaced with our term Wipeout?
YES, Graffiti Free and Wipeout are interchangeable

Products to be tagged as Wipeout – New Wave, Skintex SF, Silicone, and Nuvtex?
Aire SI – Silicone Hybrid
Skintex SF
Virtual – Silicone
Ziro – Silicone